From the core team of Token Network, we would like to thank everyone who has been following our updates and development for the token network project over 2019 and especially the wider Nuls community.

Token Network has been a project that worked mainly around real-world use cases and the adoption of blockchain technology in the eCommerce and retail sector and how we can better improve this business. In 2019 we focused on developing our chain with the Nuls chain factory in addition to testing with some of our customers. Below are some of our findings:

  1. Business is looking for solutions that have minimal if any barriers to adoption, much like plug and play solutions.
  2. Business needs a framework to launch there STO and ICO in many jurisdictions and they need help in setting up these new financial products they create for their community/customers.
  3. Most businesses at this stage won’t be using heavy smart contract features apart from transactions from one part to another party.

After looking at case uses and studies, we will be developing further to enhance our solutions towards easy to use blockchain tech and providing a framework for business to launch their token, either security or utility, in many jurisdictions. Furthermore, Token Network will be working on building a platform for eCommerce business and other online businesses to launch their STO in a fully efficient and compliant way.

Token Network and 2020tokennetwork-global

We are pleased to announce that Token Network will be launching there SCO on the 29th January 2020 and, we will be announcing their IEO shortly as well. Some of the changes Token Network has made are following and will be reflected in 2020.

  • We have taken the approach of IEO as well as SCO to run in parallel to build our community.
  • Token Network has changed its token standard from TNT to TNX.
  • Token Network will be governed by the entity TOL Enterprises, incorporated in Estonia.
  • TOL Enterprises will be working with certain Businesses to develop private chains as well as creating sub chains for Token Network.

Some of the key dates in 2020

  • One of the most important dates is the launch for our SCO on the 29th January following our IEO.
  • Our main net will be going live Q2 and tentative date of June/July 2020.
  • The token Migration process will be early Q3.
  • Q4 we will be working with a project to launch or migrate their projects with our chain such as some of the STO projects that have been wanting to work with us already and have shown interest.
  • In 2021 we plan to plug small to medium-size businesses into our ecosystem.

Wishing you everyone in the Token Network family a happy new year and looking forward for development in 2020.

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