We are excited to share some of the interesting developments that have occurred in the past week and the month of March 2020.


Token Network core team has been working on development of our main net, which was initially scheduled to go into test from MARCH 31. This has now been delayed to a testing phase to April 17th. The reason for this push back is due to current shift with teams globally due to COVID-19 outbreak, however in saying that we are still on track to launch our main net by July of this year 2020.

SCO Program

During this month, we have successfully launched our SCO program. For this our SCO Token Network core team created a separate coin for SCO which have named it Token Network Lite (TXNL) and is a NRC-20 Base token.

To learn more about our SCO:


Technical Progress

With our technical progress, we have completed our web wallet design and account management design

  • Chain Factory

We have completed the architectural design for the custom module and working to get the chain factory deployed for our test net. The team is expecting to launch token network test net in April 2020.

  • Front End Design

We have completed the front-end design for the web wallet and account management. We have also adopted the design from our logo to provide users a similar look and feel.

  • Documentation

Our documentation website is up and running, which can be found here docs.tokennetwork.global

Community Engagement and Giveaways

The Team this month completed a successful give away of Token Network Lite to our community who participated into our AMA for SCO and also after our SCO we have seen a surge of community members from 2,500 to 3,5000 and this shows the development and progress we have been making with our community.

In addition, our token network WeChat group (Token Network Chinese Group) has seen increase in members and we are constantly growing this channel.

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