Token Network is an opensource e-commerce blockchain built using the NULS Chain Factory. Token Network is supported by The Web Company and can immediately provide blockchain technology applications to their customers.

Token Network uses a blockchain that combines the POC consensus mechanism and e-commerce smart contracts to provide services for daily transaction records of e-commerce customers.

The goal is to give e-commerce entrepreneurs and
developers the opportunity to build a platform for their business that is decentralized and guaranteed to maximize revenue. Token Network hopes that e-commerce entrepreneurs can meet the needs of customers through a transparent and fair system and provide customers with the best service in a transparent manner.

Token Network’s mission is to move global trade transactions to the blockchain system. We hope that all borders will be brought together and businesses will be able to carry out international
trade transactions unhindered by a global virtual governance system.

NULS Chain Factory allows you to build a blockchain that meets your unique needs with minimum coding ability. The step-by-step graphical interface guides you through the configuration of your chain using the Module Warehouse.

Individuals and businesses can utilize Chain Factory on a free trial basis simply by going to the Chain Factory page (, selecting “Free Chain Building” and completing the application.


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