How to manage your Token Network tokens (TNX)?

What is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is an Ethereum wallet in the form of a secure mobile app, which supports ERC20 tokens. It provides a completely safe audited system to send, receive, and store digital assets. With Trust Wallet, you have total control on your private keys that are only stored in your device.

If you know a little about Crypto Wallets and your mobile phone has Trust Wallet. Please go to step 6 and start from there to add TNX into your wallet.

How to install the Trust Wallet?

The examples shown here are for iOS version (iPhone), and the images will slightly vary when compared to the Android.

Step 1 :

First, we download the mobile application from

Step 2 :

Open the app and start creating your wallet. Press the button “Create Wallet.”

Step 3 :

This is a very important step: backup your wallet!

Copy the words in a safe place; they make up the key for you to restore your wallet in another device. Do not let anyone see them. If another person has access to these words, your funds can be stolen.

Step 4 :

Organize the words in the right sequence. It is a validation to assure that you copied them somewhere else.

Step 5 :

Done, you created your wallet!

Step 6 :

Then, we start on the main account screen of Trust wallet, in the top-right hand corner of the screen you will see a + symbol. To add new tokens in your list, press the + symbol.

Step 7 :

When you select the + it will take you to the token screen. This is where you can create and delete wallets for all the major coins. Any token not displayed on this screen that is supported by Trust wallet (ERC20 etc.) can be added by scrolling down to the bottom and then selecting the “Add Custom Token” option.

Step 8 :

That will take you to the “Add Custom Token” screen. Fill the form with the Token Network token (TNX) data:
Network : Ethereum
Contract Address: 0xB58a6ab4972d6584cb6AFBA679eDb5acD8BfD1ec

(To make it easier, scan the QR code below, with the contract address)

Name: Token Network
Symbol: TNX
Decimals: 18

Step 9 :

Select done, and your custom token will be added to your Token list and main wallet screen.

How to transfer your TNX with others?

For receiving TNX

Click into Token Network and select Receive, you will see the QR code of your ether address. Copy your ether address and sent to the sender. Once they receive your ether address, they can transfer their TNX to you.

For sending TNX

Click into Token Network and select Send, input the recipient address which you get or using the camera to scan other ether address QR code, input TNX amount, the info should be like below:

Please make sure you have enough ETH for sending as each sending will charge the network fee. So confirm the sending and click onto Send.

After click on Send, the transaction status will be “Pending”, just wait for a second, the sending will complete and it will change to “Sent”.

What is SWFT Blockchain?

SWFT Blockchain is a cross-blockchain platform. On the APP, the website, or the API, users can transfer cryptocurrency with one click. Built by world experts in artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain, SWFT became an outstanding transfer platform. Its success emerges as a result of efficiently hedging risks and providing customers with a user-friendly platform for cryptocurrency transactions. By using SwftCoin, users enjoy a discount on transaction fees on the SWFT platform.

How to view TNX on SWFT exchange?

Well, it is easy to view TNX on SWFT Exchange, go to SWFT homepage.
On the menu bar, click on “Trade”. Now on the left side, you can see TNX on SWFT. Click on that, you can see the current market trades on SWFT.

If you would like to learn on SWFT, here is an article about SWFT. Go to & watch a video about them at here




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