Below are some of the questions that come from our community.


What is the core focus of Token Network?

Token network has three main areas of focus and these are Liquidity, unnecessary fees and authenticity.

When will token network test-net go live?

The team is expecting to make the test-net live by march 30th 2020 and main net live by July 20th.

What is the vesting period for team tokens?

The team tokens have a vesting period of 2.5 years with 2 million release per quarter into the circulation. The token network team has plans to buy back tokens as well later in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021.


How much is max supply for TNX?

Currently the max supply is at 500,000,000 TNX out of which 100,000,000 is
initial issuance.

How many of supply is being sold on market vs team?

50% of the supply will be sold through OTC and IEO.

How many years is lock up on founder tokens/team tokens?

Founder tokens are locked up for 1.5 years with per quarter release mechanism for certain amount of tokens.

What is price per token?

The current price per token is $0.3 USD.

SCO (Stake Coin output)

What is the difference between token network and token network Lite?

Token network Lite is coin created specifically for our allocation of TNX.
Token network Lite is created using 1:1 mechanism. Token Network Lite is coin that
is pegged to Token Network (TNX).

How long will be the SCO running for?

The stake coin output will be running for 1.5 years until 10 million Tnx
Lite is distributed over 1.5 years and token network lite coins will be remeedable for

Will Token Network Lite be listed on exchanges?

No Token network lite will not be listed on exchanges and only way redeem
the Token Network lite.






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