Use Cases

Below are some of the use cases of our blockchain.

Tokenization and Access to Capital

In this current market of crisis, businesses are heavily impacted and forced to adapt to changing market conditions amongst a changing world. Many businesses are struggling to find appropriate funding through traditional means and instead opt to find alternative ways to fund their business. This is often done through business owners putting up security such as their house, car or some other form of assets to get a loan from banks or a third-party lending platform. This has also been the case in the eCommerce space for a long time, where businesses struggle to get capital from investors or angel investors as these investors tend to only look for innovative solutions or products in the market which will net them a substantial profit. In our study through primary research using the customer...

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Counterfeit Products

One of the greatest concerns that product dealers in the eCommerce space face is the challenge of verifying the authenticity of the products that they receive from their suppliers and how it can be incredibly difficult to distinguish between counterfeit products and legitimate ones. This issue is becoming increasingly prevalent in the modern world, with counterfeit goods having an estimated $323 billion in damages to the global economy in 2019. It can be said that the average business owner would struggle to overcome this problem due to the sheer complexity of the work that would be required to prevent this. Token Network blockchain will be working together with VeChain in order to solve this problem. VeChain is an open-source blockchain for supply chain management...

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Case studies