About Token Network?

Token Network is a proof of credit blockchain network that is built for the eCommerce and retail industry. Our mission is to enable merchants and businesses to build their own eCommerce and online retail stores on the Token Network.

Low Transaction Fees

The transaction fees on Token Network are some of lowest in the market

TPS and Security

Token Network is a sub chain of the Nuls Blockchain. We are using a Proof of credit module of Nuls. We are aiming for 800 TPS and by using proof of credit we are able to provide better security.

Smart Contract and Dapps

The Token Network blockchain will have Smart eCommerce contracts designed for eCommerce and business supply chain.

ECommerce Problems & Solutions

In today’s eCommerce industry there are several problems that merchants and consumers face. Problems faced by Merchant’s often lead to consumer problems, which is why Token Network is thinking from a merchant perspective as well as the consumers perspective.


Purchasing Fee
  • In today’s existing marketplace the fees range from 8-10%, with most of them chewed up by intermediaries and middlemen.


Blockchain Network
  • With token network blockchain we are able reduce middlemen involved in each transaction and at the same time we are able to provide trust base system which is immutable. By using smart contracts and an automated escrow system, we are able to fairly reduce the cost of transactions on centralised marketplaces.


Fundraising and Expanding
  • eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs struggle to grow and expand globally. This is due to the global wealth exposure and the typical VC hurdles that they face.


Smart Contracts
  • We at Token Network enable entrepreneurs to issue their own Tokens , which can be natively used in their stores to buy goods and services or get discount with it. In the future, our smart contracts will have programmable equity and profit-sharing mechanisms


Centralize Network
  • Centralised networks have problems with security, data breaches, and losing credibility in the system. More importantly centralised systems are not transparent in day to day dealings.


Distributed Network
  • With a distributed ledger system, we are able to prevent security flaws with a centralise system has.


Cross-Border Trading
  • Merchants and consumers spend a long time when processing payments which are cross-border. It can take days to receive payments.


Global Payments
  • With our native currency TNT (Token Network Token) it allows merchants and consumers to trade without any global border restrictions. Together we are working with Bpay of which are founding member for Bpay and this allows merchants to instant liquidity for their services and products.

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 50%Token Offering
  • 10%Reserve Fund
  • 20%Team and Founders
  • 5%Airdrop
  • 10%Token Network Partners
  • 5%Token Trolley Project
  • 40%Product Develoment
  • 12%Business Development
  • 20%Marketing
  • 10%Legal & Regulation
  • 6%Partner/Investor
  • 8%Operational
  • 4%Contingency

Read Our Documents

Below are our documents that will give you a better understanding of our projecting and what we are building.

Token Network Dapp

Token Trolley is a hybrid marketplace that allows consumers to use both centralised and decentralised features. You may even use a centralised version while we handle all the transactions off-chain to speed up the process.

Low Fees

With Token Trolley one of objective goals we have achieved is low transactional fee using token network.

Instant Liquidity

Using b-pay ecosystem and implementation we are able instant liquidity using B-USD Coins.

Easy for merchants

Building a blockchain solution which is seamlessly easy to use is always challenging and token trolley is being designed in a very smooth way.

Safe & Secure

With token network’s blockchain infrastructure  and proof of credit chain, token trolley is able to achieve the security and safety for merchants and consumers.


Our team is working hard to deliver the milestones and roadmaps we have outlined below.

2017 Q4
  • The Token Trolley idea came about from a simple table conversation on how we can enable people to make the best use of cryptocurrency. This item became a reality as we started to see the further possibilities of implementing blockchain technology into eCommerce and the global trade/service industries.
2018 Q1
  • Token Trolley started working on prototypes for a website with designers and software developers by working on the architecture of the blockchain and posting early feeding back from early customers and potential users.
2018 Q2
  • We are focused on building a centralised marketplace based off the Barter Rewards platform. With our team, we are building this as a test run and migrating our users from our current and existing platforms. The first phase of the product is to for consumers to use cryptocurrencies as a method of payment to buy goods and services.
2018 Q3
Own Blockchain
  • In Q3 we announced the launching of our own blockchain called Token Network
2018 Q4
  • In Q4 we are further developing our main Token Network and announcing our token contribution event for private investors.
2019 Q1
Token Sale
  • Toward Q1 we are planning to finish our token contribution event and get listed on exchanges. Q1 we are planning to release the architecture of the blockchain project and pushing for the beta testing in Q2.
2019 Q1
App Beta Test
  • Private closed beta
  • Open beta launched to public and improvement the app
2019 Q2
Hybrid Marketplace
  • Using the Nuls Blockchain we will be building our hybrid marketplace and also we brining to alpha test our token network blockchain.
2019 Q3
Token Network Chain
  • We intended to release our first closed beta to selected public member to test our token network chain.
2019 Q4
Launched Public Beta
  • Towards that end of 2019 we plan to release our main chain to and start with token swaps process
2020 Q1
More Operational
  • We will be releasing our smart contract module for business to use and start getting merchants to decentralise their online stores.

Our Partners

Frequently asked questions

Below we provided a few questions that have been asked by our community.

Token Network is a public chain with Proof of Credit consensus built specifically for ecommerce and online retail industry.

In theory yes, however the mechanics we use are proof of credit, which is basically a similar method to proof of stake.

According to Howey test our tokens fall under utility.

We have scheduled our main net to come out in March or early Q2 2019

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